How my Morning Macchiato is a form of Mindful Meditation.

You might be asking, can a morning macchiato really be a form of mindful meditation? Let’s see!

This weekend, as I was sipping my macchiato and chatting with the Mr. I started to wax rhapsodically about my coffee, and why I love my weekend morning ritual. He pointed out how it sounded to him like mindful meditation. Ok Mr. smarty pants!

I, of course, being familiar with the concept of mindful meditation, had never correlated it with my love affair of my weekend coffee ritual. When I got home I decided to ask the Google for a clear definition of mindful meditation. Low and behold, the hubby was right.

Here is what Google said . . .

Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment. Practicing mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other practices to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

So let me set the scene for you. I’m sitting in a courtyard flanked by several local establishments, one of them being my local coffee shop. The architecture is a charming colonial brick with a ton of windows and adorable awnings to boot. A flower & herb border, everywhere there can be one, and potted plants to fill in the gaps. The large oak tree that resides streetside shoots out like an umbrella providing abundant dappled shade throughout the courtyard at that time of the day.

The patio is speckled with wrought iron patio tables & chairs, along with green umbrellas to match the ‘green’ theme, it being nestled inside the town of Gruene and all. Situated in the center of the courtyard is a water fountain feature that was recently, and regrettably, turned into a flower bed. That being said, imagine the last nine years with this lovey fountain spouting water from the top and overflowing below into its reserved basins. Upon which birds would come, drink, bathe, and play, much to the delight of every onlooker and patron in attendance.

Visually, this setup is simply charming. Audibly it is equally the same. And, when the birds aren’t chirping, or the wind whistling through the trees, the local restaurant is playing some vintage and jazz mix through the exterior speakers.

I haven’t even mentioned the coffee – my sole purpose for being there. The shop, Kora Kora, has passed through three different owners since I have begun frequenting the establishment. And, for the most part, the coffee has remained pretty much consistent.

I initially found the shop shortly after my month in Italy, back in 2013. Quick story – upon arrival back in the USofA – and after a very sad & quick goodbye to starbucks – I came to this local coffee shop and explained to the master barista (specialist, magician, whatever you want to call him) Josh, what I had just experienced in Italy, and what I was looking for. When I first tasted the tiny cappuccino he made for me, I sighed with such relief and almost cried with utter joy. I also never looked back, and have been a loyal customer ever since.

Couple the courtyard scene, the coffee, and 9 years of nostalgia, and my weekend ritual is just that – a ritual. From first walking into the café – to greeting the barista’s behind the bar – to then being asked if we want our usuals – to sitting outside in the pleasant temps under the dappled shade – to inhaling the aromas of the espresso roast – to finally taking the first sip. Yeah, it’s totally mindful meditation!

My heart sings in ways I never would have imagined, all while smiling above the rim of a coffee cup. The experience of being present while enjoying the simple pleasures of life – that is bliss, and unapologetically so!

And this is how my morning macchiato is mindful meditation!

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