Why You Need a Coffee Table Book Collection


I recently uncovered this obsession of mine that has been slowly creeping into my space for a couple of years now.  Let me preface, the aforementioned “obsession” has only reared its head over a course of two year — but my love for them have been decades in the making. 

What I am talking about my friends, are COFFEE TABLE BOOKS.  You know, the adult version of a picture book, yeah — those!

Yes yes, I’m an art historian, a photographer, and a lover of aesthetics.  And yes, I am visually driven, so this will come as no surprise to some of you.  Funny enough though, I still found myself a little surprised by the realization of my growing collection. When I thought about the why of it though, well that wasn’t so shocking.  

Aside from the fact that these books are incredibly beautiful with stunning imagery throughout.  They are also inspiring, with incredible stories, insights, and the creativity throughout is rather palpable.  They take me away to far away places, movie sets, to museum collections, front row to fashion shows & vintage runways, and to dreamy interiors that make want to do some serious decorating.

More importantly, they all continue to bring a smile to my face every time I flip through them.  And that feeling alone continues to drive me to collect even more.  If you haven’t yet begun your own collection of coffee table books I highly recommend it!!

I recommend perusing Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or even go visit your local bookstores and discount stores – TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and Target also have selections to choose from. Start first by looking at the genres that interest you the most. Look for topics that inspire you, motivate you, or even excite you. I have linked nine coffee table books below that I absolutely adore and would highly recommend.

Afterall, there is nothing better than taking a break from Netflix, settling down in a cozy spot with a blanket, candle, & warm beverage – and simply escape into the beautiful glossy pages of a fabulous coffee table book.

If you have any favorites, drop them in the comment section below. I would love to see, explore and add more of these beautiful coffee table books to my ever-growing collection!

You might also enjoy exploring a variety of genres from Valentina’s list of favorite coffee table books!

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