Memories of Mexico

HOTEL XCARET ARTE Hotel Xcaret Arte was an experience, and a rather beautiful experience at that. The hotel itself was stunning, not to mention the food which was fabulous, and the countless opportunities for adventure kept everyone entertained during our stay. XCARET PARK MEXICO We also enjoyed 6 hours at Xcaret Park, especially the apiaryContinue reading “Memories of Mexico”

Le Champ de Mars, Paris

I am so glad I snapped a few of these aerial images while riding atop of the red double-decker tour bus. I had no clue at that time that this charming corner bistrot would end up being our rainy refuge for several hours while we sat and waited out the rain. Le Champ de MarsContinue reading “Le Champ de Mars, Paris”


As a photographer & art appreciator, my heart swells every time I revisit my photos from Paris. As a woman with a long standing dream of visiting Paris, my heart swells every time I remember how the trip to Paris manifested itself.  You see, I didn’t plan this Paris trip.  That sentence sounds a bitContinue reading “PARIS & YOUTUBE”

A Francophile in Paris

Are you a francophile? Are you familiar with the term francophile? According to Google, a francophile is a person who is fond of or greatly admires France or the French.   For me, my francophilia stems from books like French Women Don’t Get Fat, Forever Chic, Entre Nous, and All You Need to Be ImpossiblyContinue reading “A Francophile in Paris”

Port A Getaway

A couple weeks ago, we decided to skip town to the beach, for a Port A Getaway. So glad we did too, note to self though, two nights was not enough, three nights at the very least next time.  We booked a stupid cute VACASA condo at the Palmilla Beach Resort, and the condo didContinue reading “Port A Getaway”