We’re taught early in life that any act deemed selfish is considered negative.  Unfortunately, the negative connotation is in the definition itself.  According to the dictionary on the interwebs, selfish means (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.” Let’s try to unpack thisContinue reading “GET SELFISH — IT’S OK.”

The Self Coaching MODEL

Every aspect of our lives can be categorized into one of these five categories within the Self Coaching MODEL. I’ve created a downloadable pdf for you to use as a quick reference. Below, I elaborate more about this MODEL & how to use it to Self Coach. The Self Coaching MODEL is not a newContinue reading “The Self Coaching MODEL”

Port A Getaway

A couple weeks ago, we decided to skip town to the beach, for a Port A Getaway. So glad we did too, note to self though, two nights was not enough, three nights at the very least next time.  We booked a stupid cute VACASA condo at the Palmilla Beach Resort, and the condo didContinue reading “Port A Getaway”

Beauty Pie Haul

Eek! As promised, here is my mini haul from Beauty Pie. I’m kinda excited! These products are such a wonderful addition to my current skincare routine. To start, most of their products are not only safe, but are recommended, for sensitive skin. The formulas are simply that clean. In addition to them being extremely clean,Continue reading “Beauty Pie Haul”

Surroundings & Personal Style

I love art, interior design, and all things aesthetic. I have been on a “surround myself with beauty” quest for decades, and I have been establishing my surroundings & personal style for just as long. It has been only with the addition of Pinterest that has aided me to finally solidify my own personal style.Continue reading “Surroundings & Personal Style”