Canva Tutorial

It’s here! A quick how-to guide to putting together your very own digital vision board. My morning routine is my secret weapon! This simple routine packs a massive punch to my day. And, it is what I continually use to transform my life in dramatic ways. As a life coach, I understand how important itContinue reading “Canva Tutorial”

Word Of The Year 2023

What is a Word Of The Year? A Word Of The Year is generally a word that you are either wanting to accomplish or aspire to grow into. In short, a word of the year is meant to provide one with focus. I’ve heard it described as an umbrella word that every decision made shouldContinue reading “Word Of The Year 2023”

The Art of Becoming

ROMANCING RESISTANCE PART 3 And just like that my 100 day challenge is a wrap — or is it — after all it is 2023. On that note, Happy New Year! I hope your holiday season has been beautiful. Now, getting back to that hundred day challenge. The premise of the challenge was to “rendezvousContinue reading “The Art of Becoming”


What is busy, and can I redefine this word for myself? The dictionary states busy as engaged in action, full of activity.  The Urban Dictionary says: an excuse to not hang out with someone. Also, a nice way of saying no – or not on my priority list.  So, which is it? At the end of the day, the word busyContinue reading “REDEFINING BUSY”

My Morning Routine

My (miracle) morning routine has been a work in progress for nearing a decade now… Years ago, early on in my personal growth journey, I came across a book that has not just impacted my life, but has ultimately changed it, and in massive ways. The book is titled: The Miracle Morning, and was writtenContinue reading “My Morning Routine”