We’re taught early in life that any act deemed selfish is considered negative.  Unfortunately, the negative connotation is in the definition itself.  According to the dictionary on the interwebs, selfish means (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.” Let’s try to unpack thisContinue reading “GET SELFISH — IT’S OK.”

The Self Coaching MODEL

Every aspect of our lives can be categorized into one of these five categories within the Self Coaching MODEL. I’ve created a downloadable pdf for you to use as a quick reference. Below, I elaborate more about this MODEL & how to use it to Self Coach. The Self Coaching MODEL is not a newContinue reading “The Self Coaching MODEL”


What is busy, and can I redefine this word for myself? The dictionary states busy as engaged in action, full of activity.  The Urban Dictionary says: an excuse to not hang out with someone. Also, a nice way of saying no – or not on my priority list.  So, which is it? At the end of the day, the word busyContinue reading “REDEFINING BUSY”

My Morning Routine

My (miracle) morning routine has been a work in progress for nearing a decade now… Years ago, early on in my personal growth journey, I came across a book that has not just impacted my life, but has ultimately changed it, and in massive ways. The book is titled: The Miracle Morning, and was writtenContinue reading “My Morning Routine”

How my Morning Macchiato is a form of Mindful Meditation.

You might be asking, can a morning macchiato really be a form of mindful meditation? Let’s see! This weekend, as I was sipping my macchiato and chatting with the Mr. I started to wax rhapsodically about my coffee, and why I love my weekend morning ritual. He pointed out how it sounded to him likeContinue reading “How my Morning Macchiato is a form of Mindful Meditation.”