Memories of Mexico


Hotel Xcaret Arte was an experience, and a rather beautiful experience at that. The hotel itself was stunning, not to mention the food which was fabulous, and the countless opportunities for adventure kept everyone entertained during our stay.


We also enjoyed 6 hours at Xcaret Park, especially the apiary and aquarium, We also walked a total of 18,000+ steps, and revelled in an evening show that spanned the history of the region, starting off with the Mayans, to the Conquistadors, to today’s Mariachis. We loved the Park, it was definitely an adventure, and worth every step, or so I keep telling myself!

Here are some of my over and under about our stay — the hotel was stunning, although they were still working out a few kinks during our stay. I’d give our stay, overall, a solid B. The food really was exceptional. We didn’t explore too many of their one off restaurants, but the main dining room was excellent. The hotel room was interesting an accommodating. The location was perfect and fitting for the style of the resort. Bonus, the resort offered an abundant amount of adventure opportunities.

Where the resort lost some points was with it’s rather tiny beach front, it was rocky, shallow, and limited in space, seating, and accomodation. The pools closed at 7pm, what, why? The information required to make reservations at their restaurants was confusing at best, and made it almost impossible to get in. Everything required vouchers from the concierge center (not open at all hours) to attend and if you didn’t get a voucher, you didn’t get to go.

The husband and kids collectively loved it, and would absolutely go back. I would return too, but I would prefer a resort with more beach, easier booking accomodations, and pools that don’t close before dark. 🙄 Again, I give it a B, or 4 out of 5 stars, – lovely, but could be better.

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