What is Life Coaching?

Last year I became a certified Life Coach, through the Life Coach School. It was not a decision I made lightly, and yet somehow the idea made so much sense it felt like one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. I can honestly say that being a life coach is better than a passion, it’s a calling.

So, what is it that I do?

To say I am a life coach is a bit too simplistic of a description, being a life coach is definitely more nuanced than its’ title. That being said, describing it in a hundred and one different ways can feel over the top also. So in an attempt to nail it down in its’ simplest of terms I’ve decided to convey what I do by writing a letter to my clients. Let’s go.

Dear (insert client name),

   I am beyond grateful that you have entrusted me as your life coach to assist you in your journey of transformation. The next steps we take together are going to move you closer to the future you have always envisioned. Through this work you will feel lighter, freer, more empowered, and generally better than you did before.

   We will explore your beliefs, separating out the beliefs that benefit you from from those that no longer work for the life you are creating. You will learn to question old beliefs, bridge new beliefs you want, and trust yourself along the process. It is through this practice where you gain the understanding that the key to success starts at its foundation, at your beliefs.

   You will learn to identify, allow, and work through your emotions, and inevitably move forward despite them. You will practice elevating your emotional barometer by tapping into some emotions intentionally, like gratitude, acceptance, and peace — all while implementing your own personal standard of emotional intelligence.

   You will navigate the uncomfortable relationship with resistance — learn how it appears, how it sneaks in, how it stalls you, and how to move forward despite it, especially while it's riding shotgun along the path of your dreams. You will also learn to harness your habits to support the goals you are aiming for, instead of indulging in old tired habits that work against your goals.

   You can expect to experience so many ah-ha moments, epiphanies, and paradigm shifts. These mindset shifts lay new personal foundations of what is possible, all while fueling you forward to exploring new insights, both for you and the future you're intentionally creating.

   Thank you again for trusting me, I am honored to be a part of your journey, along with all of the messy and beautiful experiences yet to come.

Xo, Suzette

So, essentially, I am a mindset coach. The framework is simple, I dive into the beliefs that spur on our patterned behaviors which reveal themselves through our current results. It is through the process of taking responsibility of our lives, and what is actually in our control, like our thoughts, feelings, & behaviors — this is how we find where our true power lies, from within us.

Who do I work with?

Let me first tell you who I don’t work with. If you are slaying life, utterly in love with how your life is unfolding, fulfilled by your job, thriving in your relationships, you are settled into the groove and flow of your personal development journey hardly ever overwhelmed, anxious, or stuck in indecision — you are on fire, keep going!

I work with everyone else, especially those who might be more like me, — those who still would like some clarity on what their brain is offering them. Those who might be dealing in self-sabotage, perfectionism, people pleasing, and uncertainty. Those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Those who want to be more, do more, and have more. I get you, I can help, and I am here to work with you.

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