Le Champ de Mars, Paris

I am so glad I snapped a few of these aerial images while riding atop of the red double-decker tour bus. I had no clue at that time that this charming corner bistrot would end up being our rainy refuge for several hours while we sat and waited out the rain. Le Champ de Mars provided good drink, good food, good conversation, and good memories that I will cherish for many years to come, merci beaucoup.

My friend and I took shelter curbside, under this quintessentially french red awning. We were warmly greeted, first by our wait staff, and then by a good-humored canadian gent — where our table of two gradually merged into a table of three. Granted, no chairs were moved during this engagement, if you have ever been to Paris, you know just how cozy the seating arrangements are there.

Drinks were quickly ordered — champagne for Daphne, and a Spritz for me. Sidenote, these were our standard drink orders for our entire week in Paris. After perusing the menu we settled on our food order, then proceeded to devour the contents of the breadbasket that was placed in front of us, ok, mostly me.

Rain is Paris is one of the sweetest pleasures in life. There is something romantic, magical, and classic about Paris in the rain, it is sexy and intoxicating at best. And the chilled dampness of the rain made the experience all the more sensorily memorable.

Unfortunately I have no images of my food. This was typical of me throughout my entire week there, I devoured the food faster than I could remember to grab a snapshot. But the food was exceptional. Perhaps the stunning location and seductive scene played as the best appetizer ever, I’ll never know, nor care. I know that I absolutely adored this moment, and I am so glad I that I soaked it all in, pun intended.

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