The Office & Credenza

Welcome to my office. I thought I’d share this behind the scenes, for anyone interested in where I spend a good portion of my time these days. Along with this sneak peek, I am sharing a quick metamorphosis from when I initially started putting the credenza together, to how it has finally settled, and my why behind some of my decisions.

I was so excited when I initially commandeered this space. After all, my office space is where I get to build my life coaching business, create content, and where I get to practice my craft. I knew I wanted to create a space that inspired me, motivated me, and generally just felt beautiful to spend countless hours working in.

My design inspiration for this space was definitely a Parisian apartment vibe. I knew I wanted all of the feels and romance that I could muster of that elusive french je ne sais quoi. My focus was specifically centered around all of what a Parisian fireplace embodies. That meant the arched gilded mirror was a definite must, and I quickly bought one specifically for this space.

How it started

Upon assembly of the credenza, by yours truly, I grabbed several items I had at the ready, and I then began to zhuzh the space. I liked the layout ok, but, it felt a little cold and a bit lifeless – not the vibe I was going for. But this is typical and all part of the decorating process.

Transitioning …

So I scoured my space for something floral. It was a slight improvement, but, still not quite right. I liked the idea in theory, but the vase was too matchy, too much of the same. And while I liked the floral element, I thought greenery would fill the space in better.

To NOW …

I found and ordered this interesting amber toned, art deco inspired vase from Amazon. I immediately then ran to hobby lobby and grabbed a faux greenery bundle to add to the vase. By golly, I think this might work! I took some time and played around with the placement, played with the layers, and then with the negative space. It finally felt right. I even love all the simple details all the way down to the electric lighter, which is totally cool and oldly fun to use.

Now, the rest of the space

I inherited the sofa from my daughter, which come on, I love everything about this sofa. The size is perfect, the color is spot on and the shape is that quintessential library sofa shape. Bonus, I think about my daughter every time I sit on it, so I love it.

I still have a few tweaks to make within the space, maybe some framed photographs from my trip to paris. A rug would be a nice addition as well. The desk leaves me a bit wanting, and I will eventually replace it with a larger, more substantial one. So technically, the space is still a work in progress. But hey, isn’t that life — I know that I am constantly a work in progress.

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