Canva Tutorial

It’s here!

A quick how-to guide to putting together your very own digital vision board.

My morning routine is my secret weapon! This simple routine packs a massive punch to my day. And, it is what I continually use to transform my life in dramatic ways.

As a life coach, I understand how important it is to bring awareness to our thoughts. More importantly, we need to give our minds intentionality to help overcome some of those not so helpful & unintentional thoughts. This free morning routine template is an amalgamation of visualizations and affirmations. These tools, when used daily as part of your morning routine, keeps your brain focused on your intentions.

Learning to align our thoughts with our feelings, and consequently our actions — will ultimately guide us in creating our dream lives. I know this first hand, because this routine has unwittingly manifested more into my life than I had ever consciously planned.

Utilize this free template to create the future you want. Add quotes that inspire you, images that move you, habits you want to embody, and goals you continually dream about. Set the presentation to a timer, turn on some music, and press play on the slide show. Repeat daily, every morning.

When you practice this morning routine, you too can & will cultivate the life of your dreams!

2 thoughts on “Canva Tutorial

  1. I absolutely love the YouTube tutorial!!! I can’t wait to create my digital vision board and upload it to my wordpress site. Thank you soo much! I have been a fan of your Tumblr site for years!!


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