What’s LOVE got to do with it?

Question: So, what’s love got to do with it — it being our goals? Answer: Well, when we romanticize our goals we tend to fall in love with them. And I have found that as I continue to coach on goals, habits, and resistance, when romancing is part of the equation, love then becomes the key to success.

According to Britannica Dictionary, it defines romanticize as — romanticize, v. (romanticizes; romanticized: romanticizing): to think about or describe something as being better or more attractive or interesting than it really is : to show, describe, or think about something in a romantic way.

Romanticizing your life (and your goals) will help add context, texture, color, beauty, and ultimately emotion to your desired outcome. Think about it, why do we want anything out of life? On the other side of every experience is a feeling we want to feel? So when you are setting a goal, ask yourself — what am I wanting to feel when I reach success of this desired goal? How can I feel this desired emotion while I am pursuing my goal?

Do you love the goal you are aiming for? If not — attempt to romanticize your goal so that you do love it. If you do love your goal — do you love the process required for success? If not — start to romanticize the process. Do you love the daily habits carry you on your path to success? Do you love the tasks required to move you closer to your goal?

What I have learned for myself is that the more I romanticize my life, my future goals, my daily habits, and all of those seemingly small tasks, the more I fall in love with it all. When romanticizing my life, and my future, I feel a sense of passion, mingled with excitement & even bliss. It is a slow and steady seduction where I get to dance with the dirty dishes, flirt with fear as it creeps up, and inevitably romance resistance — all in an attempt to stay focused and moving forward.

Side-effect, when I love my life, I don’t require others to love it. I put all the responsibility, all of the requirements, and all of the validation on me and me alone. That being said, I also get to decide exactly what I want that end vision to look like, as well as what success looks like for me.

Getting to choose what we want, means getting to dream up whatever we want. We get to decide on what success is for us. We get to establish what we think is beautiful. We get to choose what we want to think, and believe about our pasts, our present, and our futures.

So now I’m curious …

  • What do you want? Do you love that you want this?
  • Why do you want it? Do you love your reason why?
  • What are you hoping to feel when you get it? Is love at the core?
  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it? How can you fall in love with the process?
  • Do you believe you are worthy and capable of it? How are you loving yourself?
  • Are you ready to fall head over heels in love with your life?

When I asked myself why I constantly seek beauty in what I am doing, or seek to make what I am doing beautiful. I realized it was so that I could fall in love — in love with the idea, the goal, the habit, the process., and ultimately my life. Because when I am in love, I show up, and I show up huge!

This is the work I do, in how I assist others. We dive into the wants, goals, and subsequent habits. We get real with the why of what is truly desired. We then plot the course, before diving into the practice. Getting you to fall in love with your life is where the magic lies. At the end of the day it is romanticizing the journey that makes getting to the destination easier, not easy, but easier.

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