For the LOVE of February

February, the month of love. 💗

February’s theme is a bit of a cliché, because it’s all about LOVE. Yes, love. But, why is February the month of love? Well, aside from Valentine’s Day, it has something to do with saints, martyrs, and a feast — honestly, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad that I get a month to focus solely on the subject of love.

However, I want to focus on unconditional love. Unconditional love is a very distinct intention of mine this year, first to love myself without condition, and then to love others in kind. That is why unconditional love is the theme for February 2023.

Can we just address that love is an extremely nuanced idea, and that trying to define it is as equally complex. Is it a feeling? Is it an action? Is it about giving, or receiving? Can I love my husband, and love baked goods? (Ah-hem, yes!)

Well, I decided to look to the Google’s for some answers. Thank you Greek philosophers for defining and simplifying love within these seven different categories.

  • Eros – Romantic, Passionate Love (Of the Body) …
  • Philia – Affectionate, Friendly Love. …
  • Storge – Unconditional, Familial Love. …
  • Agape – Selfless, Universal Love. …
  • Ludus – Playful, Flirtatious Love. …
  • Pragma – Committed, Long-Lasting Love. …
  • Philautia – Self Love.

For me, the idea of unconditional love is a lovely notion. For starters, it allows for a judgement free zone, everywhere and in everything. It eliminates the need to harbor the past, or unproductive assumptions, and external circumstances, along with unproductive expectations. It allows for all of life to be what it will be. I believe that unconditional love it one of the purest forms of acceptance.

To genuinely love oneself, one’s story, and one’s journey thus far, is to be fully aware, fully accepting, and fully willing to take ownership for not only what is, but what’s to come. Unconditional love trusts that whatever is next, is exactly what it is supposed to be.

The thing about unconditional love is that it seems to challenge or contrast all the other loves. It questions expectations that we put on love. It demystifies what love “should” look like, “should” feel like, and “should” be like. To genuinely love without conditions is to love without any judgements. Which ironically makes unconditional love so challenging, as we all seem to live in a pre-conditioned subjective consciousness.

I don’t really have any answers to what love should be, just a clear desire — to love fully, to seek acceptance (not understanding), to love freely (without requirements), and to practice loving myself first, ant then pour that love onto others.

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