Word Of The Year 2023

What is a Word Of The Year?

A Word Of The Year is generally a word that you are either wanting to accomplish or aspire to grow into. In short, a word of the year is meant to provide one with focus. I’ve heard it described as an umbrella word that every decision made should fall underneath, as a means of staying on course. It is meant to provide clarity with your goals & intentions. It is used as a way of intentionally focusing your energy in the direction you desire, or focusing on who you are wanting to become.

Basically your word should be your overarching consideration before decisions are made, especially when you are allocating your time towards your goal. Some WOTY examples that I have seen used are CEO, Energetic, Audacious, Glamorous, Confident, Inspired, Dreamer, and Driven. Some of my own past words have been Intentional, Transformation, and Rendezvous.  

How to choose a word of the year?

As I stated above, the word can be who you want to become, who you want to embody, or what you want to accomplish. I’ve heard compelling reason for both, regardless, I say pick a word that will keep you moving forward. Who do you want to be at the end of the year? What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year? What do you want to do, or practice, for the year?

When picking my word I asked myself — what is my intention this year, or this quarter? What goal(s) am I attempting to achieve? What habits would I. like to create to meet my desired intentions. Or, what habits do I want to rewire or replace to get me to where I want to go? Only I could answer these questions for me, and only you can answer them for you. Just remember that there is no right or wrong way to choose a word of the year.

So – what is my word of the year?

When I read the definition for heroine, I knew this was my word for the year (or maybe decade). I love this word heroine — a legendary woman of divine descent, having great ability, emulated for her achievements, a principal female character, central female figure.
Yes, heroine party of one please! 

So, why did I choose heroine as my WOTY?

I was looking for a word that gets me out of the stands as an observer in my own life. And instead, puts me in the game as a starter, as the leading lady in my own movie, or player ready one in lieu of a NPC. I no longer want to unconsciously bench myself, I want to show up big time in this life, especially while establishing this new career path. I toyed around with words like solopreneur, entrepreneur, lead, and principal character. None of them quite felt right. However, when I saw the word heroine I knew that was the word for me.

How do I plan to use my WOTY?

The word heroine will be used as a barometer, a standard, or a guide in which future decisions will be measured against — for me & by me. Basically, when I sit down to plot my week, my month, or my quarter, I will reflect on how I will show up as the heroine throughout the plotting & cultivating process.

Here are just a handful of questions I will ask as I move forward with my word. 

  • By saying yes-or-no to this, am I playing small? 
  • Am I settling for someone else’s narrative? 
  • Am I mapping my future from unlimited possibilities?
  • Am I limiting myself by referencing to the past? 
  • How would I, as a heroine of my life, handle this — plan this — or execute this?

I understand that the word heroine is a very lofty word. But, who am I kidding, what I want out of my life is lofty. I have dream, goals, and lofty ambitions for my future. I also want to trust myself when I say I’ll do something. I want to follow through on the plans for my future, and for the results I’ve scheduled on my calendar, even if they feel risky. I want to take such complete responsibility of my time that external circumstance outside of my control, remain outside of my focus, my energy, my calendar, and my mind.

Like I said, LOFTY! 😏

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