As a photographer & art appreciator, my heart swells every time I revisit my photos from Paris. As a woman with a long standing dream of visiting Paris, my heart swells every time I remember how the trip to Paris manifested itself. 

You see, I didn’t plan this Paris trip.  That sentence sounds a bit untrue, because of course I’ve planned a trip to Paris, several of them, over and over again theoretically in my head, and in various ways.  But this trip, I never saw coming, and yet it came — and my heart swells. 

I have a thousand plus images from my week in Paris, and just as many memories. Also, while I was there, I even managed to snag a few videos with my phone. 

And, seeing how I am now new to YouTube, I thought what better way to share some of these clips, than there. I took what limited video footage I captured and created a Parisian street scene mashup that you can watch here.

Ok, so admittedly, I’m a newb to YouTube & editing videos.  My edit is notably simple and slightly rough, and that’s okay with me.  Because now, my Paris clips are no longer lost or scattered about within the abyss of my phone’s memory.  They are instead neatly woven together, overlaid with music, and placed on YouTube permanently, for the foreseeable future. 

My Paris video is just the beginning. 

My plans for YouTube are simple, — curate beautiful videos, create inspiring content, and cultivate a meaning space to evolve with.  I can say this for certain, the beauty of life resides in the mystery of the unknown.  It’s not in the history of my past, nor in the predictability of my future — but in the mystery of the unknown, that is where the beauty of life resides.

I would love for you to join me in this new YouTube endeavor — subscribe & like.  It’s super simple, anyone with a Google account can follow along, maybe even with a Yahoo account, but that I can’t say for sure. 😏 Cheers to the unknown! 🍾🥂

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