So it’s finally happened.  I am now officially a certified Life Coach. According to the hubs, I’m bonafide. Yup, I am a lot excited, a tad nervous, but ready, so very ready for the next chapter to unfold.

So, what is a Life Coach?

Some of you may be wondering what exactly is a life coach?  If you happen to know already, feel free to skip on ahead. 

  • For starters, people should know that life coaching is actually an unregulated field, as opposed to traditional therapy & psychiatry. Typical counseling topics are not what you would actually seek a life coach for. So understandably, life coaches do not diagnose clinical conditions of any kind.
  • Life coaches generally help with most other challenges.
    • A life coach tends to be future-focused, and they help clients work towards their goals.  
    • It is my job, as a life coach, to work alongside my clients to help bring awareness to their unconscious mindsets – typically the unintentional thoughts, feelings, and/or actions that they may not be cognizant of.
    • A life coach is considered an equal.  A thought I love to use when coaching is essentially, I am not right and my client is not wrong.  I know that my clients have the answers, and know what’s best for themselves.
    • Most notably is that I don’t solve my clients problems, as a coach, I will however, empower my client to uncover & create their own solutions.
So, what’s next for me?

Of course I’ve been thinking a lot about how to transition into this new phase of my career.  What’s interesting is I have none of the HOW worked out, at all.  I have a few ideas on some of the next steps, but that’s about it. Somehow, I am still super excited for what’s to come.

I have a very clear vision of my future, the future I want to cultivate for myself. However, that particular vision didn’t necessarily come with a play by play, or a how-to guide. 

I plan to keep blogging, I genuinely love this platform.  That being said, I am also starting a Life Coaching business where I am currently offering my coaching services in a few different forms. I will eventually create a separate page for those terms of services on this site soon.  And, on a fun note, I also plan to start a YouTube channel.  Yup, you heard it here folks — YouTube.  I’ll definitely keep all of you in that loop. 

Nevertheless, I do anticipate a good amount of fails, some losses, and definitely some hiccups all along the way of my journey. This is where my life coach certification should come in handy, wouldn’t you say.  

Here is what I know for sure, (for me at least).
  • Life’s a journey — it’s beautiful, it’s messy, & it is completely unpredictable — and I absolutely love it — the good, the bad, and the incredibly sad. 
  • I know that I wouldn’t be here today, or be who I am, had I not experienced all that has led me to this point.  
  • I am unapologetically an optimist — and I believe anything is possible — for anyone.
  • Beauty is everywhere and in everything, and I seek to find it always! 
  • I am a romantic — n. characterized by, or suggestive of an idealized view of reality – that’s me.
  • Finally, I love helping & cheering others on as they go after the life of their dreams. 

Like I said, I am excited for what’s to come. Feel free to reach out with any questions. And if anyone would like to work with me in a professional capacity, please don’t hesitate to contact me, or click the link here.

Cheers. 🥂
Xo, Suzette

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