Romancing Resistance

So I decided to do a thing, a 100 day challenge thing. 

Here are the the simple parameters of the challenge that I set for myself — the challenge is to move for 100 days.  Seriously, nothing major, 3 days of walking (20 — 45 minutes), 2 days of yoga (again, 20 — 45 minutes), and then 2 days of a HIIT (8 — 15 minutes). Like I said, nothing major

So, before I explain what this challenge is, let me quickly tell you what the challenge isn’t.  Surprisingly, it isn’t a weight loss challenge, although that would be nice.  It’s not about going down a size, or a number on a scale, or any other number for that matter.

What it is — is RESISTANCE.  Yup, you read that right, resistance. According to the APA Dictionary of Psychology, resistance n. 1. generally, any action in opposition to, defying, or withstanding something or someone.

In short, this 100 day challenge is all about me romancing resistance.

Here’s the over and under, I am not actually a lazy person, nor am I a procrastinator — I can, and I do, hard & uncomfortable things all the time.  I just tend to run up against resistance when those hard & uncomfortable things are for my own benefit, for my future, or on my calendar. (The calendar thing — well, that is a different post & challenge all together.)

For me, I needed a way to separate myself, from those unproductive descriptors, like lazy or procrastinator, and also ditch that old story about me not finishing things. I realized that I am not the problem. However, my relationship with resistance is a problem.

So, I decided to challenge resistance, maybe even seduce it, at the very least, build a working relationship with resistance.  This is the challenge!  

I chose movement for 100 days. Why?  Because I run up against resistance 100% of the time whenever movement is involved.  This means everyday, for 100 days, I am now guaranteed an opportunity to engage with resistance,  and I get to see how resistance appears in my life.  So far, resistance has shown up as distraction, procrastination, diversion, unpreparedness, tiredness, and transference of emotions (you know, when you lack confidence in one area and your mind wants to transfer that emotion to other areas, yeah, that) — just to name a few. 

And this was just within the first 12 days.  

One might be wondering what I’ve learned so far?

What I have learned is that none of those things have actually stopped me from moving forward.  I simply recognize how resistance shows up that day, and then I follow through with the previously scheduled program, all in spite of the many ways resistance appears.

This is the interesting thing, when resistance appears, and it does, it doesn’t actually stop me in my tracks, nor does it derail me. The day doesn’t turn into a complete wash, and get this, the day also doesn’t spiral out of control. I simply recognize the resistance, feel it, and take action, regardless. Fascinating how the simple act of awareness can bring such clarity.

I’m not done. I’ve actually just started, day 14 out of 100 to be exact — only 86 days to go — or the rest of my life, depending on how you want to look at it. However, this is where I get to dabble in consistency & discipline. Definitely, more posts on the topic to come.

This is my 100 day challenge, this is how I plan on romancing resistance. 

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