Port A Getaway

A couple weeks ago, we decided to skip town to the beach, for a Port A Getaway. So glad we did too, note to self though, two nights was not enough, three nights at the very least next time. 

We booked a stupid cute VACASA condo at the Palmilla Beach Resort, and the condo did not disappoint. Super adorable & coastal chic, whoever designed this space thank you, it was the perfect balance of coastal & comfort, and exactly the environment I needed to escape to.

The resort itself is utterly charming!  This tranquil and coastal community dazzled me with the sun bleached colors and its 50 shades of aqua & blue.

I think I found a few future beach vacation home possibilities. 😉

While we were there we decided to rent a beach/ golf cart to fully enjoy the 73 degree temps for our two days stay.  The cart allowed us to maneuver from condo to beach to town, then back to condo without sacrificing the scenery, the sun, and the salty air.  Cruising beach-side was pure bliss. 

We also enjoyed a few restaurants while there in Port A.  Funny enough, my “mad” food photography skills never reared themselves, oops – I, instead, simply dined with the others and soaked in the moments. 

However, the fish tacos were tasty at Fin’s and they paired well with the pirates punch I enjoyed. The second day, at Lelo’s, I savored my swiss portobello sandwich that truely rivaled my mango margarita, it was too close to call.  But, if you know me at all, my true delight was my single shot wet macchiato from Coffee Waves every morning. It was so yummy, thank you Coffee Waves.

Overall, it was an immensely successful getaway to Port Aransas. 

Next time we’ll stay for more days.  Enjoy an extra macchiato, or two. Dip our toes in the Gulf for a bit longer, breathe in an abundance of salty air, soak up as many sun rays as possible, and ultimately collect just a few more of life’s precious moments.

If you had 3 days to getaway, where would you go? Are you a beach fiend like me? Are you a mountain lover who wants to hike and explore nature? Or, are you pulled into the city with all the hustle and bustle of bright lights and people?

Leave a comment below, I’d love to know where you’d like to go to getaway?

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