Aging Gracefully

If ‘quality has no fear of time‘ – then aging gracefully, doesn’t have to imply that one is in search of the fountain of youth.

This weekend I celebrated my 48th trip around the sun. Truthfully, with each passing year I fall more & more in love with my life, my journey, and the woman I am becoming.

While aging brings so much wisdom – let’s face it, it also brings wrinkles & sagging skin. Despite that, I believe I have “mostly” reconciled myself with my aging body and face. And when I am being intentional with my thoughts, my time, and my investments, I recognize that quality is paramount – after all, quality is an investment in the future. 

Quality has no fear of time.


Let me preface, I, personally, am NOT attempting to “look younger” than I actually am – only to love & care for what I already have, and embrace the best possible version of me. And while, I can’t stop father time from marching across my face, or down neck for that matter – I can take advantage of the beautiful science & technology available right at my finger tips.

Welcome to my apothecary.

I love a good serum and creme. I also love a strong exfoliant and retinol. Unfortunately, this momma’s skin is hypersensitive. I have been on a quest for the perfect cocktail of ingredients suitable for my skin type for awhile now. But, like my personal development, these things take time, and trial & error.

So I continue to buy gadgets and gizmos of plenty, along with some whosits and whatsits galore. And while I am focused on topical treatments, for now, I am not swearing off Botox completely. Additionally, I support all women of all ages to decide what is best for their face, and skincare needs. I am all about governance of one’s own self. By all means – DO YOU!

Below I share a bit of my current skincare protocol, what I do regularly, and sometimes sporadically.

Cleanse – or just rinse with cool water.

Toner – needing to repurchase.

Vitamin C – I think this is causing some irritation, I am stepping away from it for a minute.

Serum – thinnest to thickest formulas

Eye Cream – I do this am & pm.

Moisturizer – I alternate rich in the colder/ dryer months and lightweight in the hotter/ humid months.


Cleanse – Cleansing balm to remove my waterproof mascara.

2nd Cleanse – same as the AM.

This is where I would use a mask, LED, or microneedling (this is new).

Retinol – Curology (2-4 times a week) – I am looking into their sister company Agency.

Serum – same as the am or a CoQ10

Moisturizer – alternating rich with lightweight depending on the season.

Lip mask – I loooooove this stuff and highly recommend it!

In full disclosure, my aging gracefully journey has not been a very ‘faithful’ or ‘diligent’ one. I’ve always cleansed, slapped on some serum and then moisturizer with spf. However, taking it up a notch to combat father time, well now, that is more of a recent endeavor.

I recently placed an order with Beauty Pie. As soon as I get that in I’ll share what I got and how I plan on integrating them into the routine, if you anyone is interested.

Remember, starting from the inside is vital – the quantity of water we drink, as well as the quality of foods we consume can add or subtract to the overall health of our skin. I also haven’t even touched on some of the gadgets I have that claim to aid in my skincare journey. I’ll get to that eventually, especially as I use them more regularly, all in hopes to generate a result or an opinion of sorts.

I will link everything I have mentioned, if possible. That being said, I’d also love to know what some of you middle aged goddesses use. I am always seeking new beauties – obviously.

Side note, some of my favorite resources can be found on YouTube.  They are the women I look to for answers to several of my skincare questions and needs.  Their content has been a wealth of knowledge! Click through if you have your own unanswered questions – Angie: HotandFlashy | Renée: Gothamista. | Penn: PENN.SMITH.SKINCARE

Remember, when you find value, quality, and gratitude in your everyday life, there is no fear of time, and that my dears is aging gracefully in my opinion. Cheers to aging, whether it’s aging gracefully, powerfully, or audaciously – just age – however you feel you want to!!

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