Let’s Rendezvous

The word Rendezvous came to me about 4 months ago when I took a workshop from life coach Tonya Leigh.  The workshop was called “Live Like an Editor”.  At the heart of the workshop you are coached to live your life intentionally, designed and orchestrated by you, while ruthlessly editing it to make it exactly what you want.

I’ll admit it, the appeal to this workshop was definitely in the title alone — the fact that it only cost $37, well, that was a bonus!  But, within the 5 day workshop I devoured the content. Admittedly the notions within the workshop were not new to me. Having dabbled in the personal growth arena for some time now, I was well versed in the core principles presented. HOWEVER, it was the way the pieces were presented together for me that struck a chord.

Here is the simple truth, I’m a visualist.  I tend to absorb most of life visually, which probably explains my degree in art history and my penchant for all things visually pleasing.  What Tonya conveyed in her workshop, and then drove home again & again through her podcast and SOSI program was just how important our visual surroundings are, and even more importantly our perceived self images are to our personal growth, development, and ultimately our success.

Merging the three components of mindset, personal style and surroundings struck me deeply.  I knew I have always been affected by my surroundings, my personal style & my mindset (whether sitting still, moving forward, or spinning chaotically).  This trifecta of awareness resonated and ultimately help reset a shift with my perception.

Back to the “Live Like an Editor” workshop — one of the first assignments was to name my magazine cover, of course I have a magazine, I am the editor and I get to name it — all of which made me as giddy as schoolgirl.  

The title of my magazine was/is Rendezvous. I played around with another word, but this one won out in the end.  Rendezvous — to meet or come together at a particular time and place.

Rendezvous, I love this word.  I love the way it sounds when rolling off the tongue. I love its implied french-ness. I love the meaning, to meet or come together.  The essence, which spoke to me – was to start showing up consistently in my own life, my real world. I need to rendezvous my current life with my well curated dream life within the code of the Pinterest algorithm. 

The “Editor” workshop was a gentle nudge to stop with just daydreaming. Instead start living — start living my life, believing this current life to be my dream life that I get to edit scrupulously as I walk it out. I don’t have to wait for all the stars to align before being grateful for how it is now, how it feels now, & or how it will feel when those proverbial stars do actually align.  I don’t need permission or validation to move forward in my own journey, this is after all, my life!  I don’t need to grapple with society’s definition of perfection to know and believe that everything in my life is actually pretty perfect. Because everything is as it is supposed to be. And if I don’t prefer something I can alter it, I can change my mind, and I can shift my trajectory.

All that to say, I have decided to rendezvous with myself, for myself.  My aim is to be me, please me, and make this journey about me, all while enjoying myself along the way. This, my friends, is next level self-care.

Following the live like an editor thread, I have decided the word Rendezvous will also be my word of the year for 2022.  And as you can tell, if you are here reading this post, I have also coined the word rendezvous for my new website.   

I am excited to see this space take shape. I plan to use it as a platform to share pieces of me, things I think, things I love, things I find beautiful, things that inspire, and essentially just moments in life I feel worthy of noting.  I hope you join me in this journey and rendezvous with me regularly.  

But more importantly, I wish you all the beauty & joy this life has to offer. 

Ciao for now,

xo — Suzette

6 thoughts on “Let’s Rendezvous

  1. Keep em coming! I was intruiged by the “Live Like An Editor” ad that popped up in my IG feed, I may just have to check it out.


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